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educational researcher
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I provide consulting services for professional development, program evaluations, as well as data analysis and research in education.

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Principal, Westside Middle School Academy, Danbury Public Schools
Adj. Professor, Methods in Science, University of Bridgeport
Adj. Professor, Educational Research, Western CT State University

educational researcher

professional development

I provide professional development for a wide range of topics focusing on instruction and assessment:

Systemic evaluation of student work
21st-century skill integration
Technology integration in instruction
Instructional leadership
Data-driven decision making
Project-based learning

program evaluations

I can evaluate your instructional and curricular programs

data analysis & research

I provide consulting for analysis of data, specializing in educational and health data sets:

Quantitative univariate and multivariate analyses
Instrument development
Web-based surveys and data collection
Qualitative analysis: focus groups,interviews, document analysis
Logic Designs for Studies


change agent


Google Certified Educator
Connecticut Academy for Education Fellow
Teacher's Insurance Teacher of the Year
RadioShack National Teacher for Excellence in Science
GTE GIFT (Growth Inititaives for Teachers) Fellow


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